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Racoon Wefts


Introducing Racoon Wefts

The Racoon Micro Weft is a revolutionary new product that utilises the finest header and bonding tape to deliver a unique product that is comfortable to wear, blending seamlessly with your own hair.

Casabella have partnered with Racoon International to bring you a top quality hair weft that will not damage your hair. The premium quality real hair that is used to make the Racoon Weft is cuticle correct, reducing tangling, knotting and allowing for everyday styling appliances to be used.

Quick change looks for that special occasion are now achievable within 30 minutes and are great for:
  • Extra Thickness for everyday styles
  • Brides
  • A quick change of style
  • Evening wear
  • Dancing divas
Racoon Micro Wefts are discreet to the eye, comfortable to wear, and best of all they can be re-taped at any time to re-create your new look.
Click here to visit the Racoon International website

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