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Casabella Juuksestuudio
Narva maantee 22 Tallinn
Avatud: E-R 10-19 L 11-16
Tel: (+372) 661 5888
E-post: info@casabella.ee

Casabella Juuksestuudio Tartu
Jakobi 38, Tartu
Avatud: E-R 9-17
Tel: 56 957322
E-post: tartu@casabella.ee

Wigs and hairpieces


At Casabella Hair Studio we take a sympathetic and understanding approach to people suffering with partial or full hair loss.
Our team of dedicated professionals are available out of hours for private consultations or fittings and are able to modify or adapt a wig to suit your individual requirements with the addition of hair extensions, hi-lights, lo-lights or specialist cutting techniques.
Wigs and hairpieces are now an acceptable part of everyday life .People choose wigs for a variety of reasons, including hereditary or medical hair loss and fashion. We have an extensive collection of medical wigs, costume wigs, and fashion wigs in every wig type.We have fashion wigs and medical wigs from several of the top brands, including TressAllure, Ellen Wille,Arcos, Revlon, Raquel Welch and many others.
We also supply toupee tape and clips should they be required

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